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The Denver Therapists Network (DTN) is one of the largest local online communities of therapists & psychologists (in various private and small group practices) in Denver and surrounding cities. Currently this community has over 330 therapists.

For those interested in networking face to face, the DTN has regular meetings the first Friday of every other month, rotating between North Denver and South Denver. The intent of this site is to provide a directory for participating therapists, to describe their credentials and specialties, for the purpose of referrals, sharing of resources, and other professional contacts.

Is the Denver Therapists Network Right for You? As a therapist, especially in private practice, it can be challenging, and at times, lonely. If you are not sure if the DTN is right for you, answer these questions.  

Do you need more clients, either through referrals or by being found online through searches? The Denver Therapists Network ranks in the top 5 for over one hundred different searches for therapists in the area. Currently the search for Denver Therapist returns 4th!  

Do you want to feel like part of a community of therapists, where you can network with over 330 therapists, as well as join up to 60 specialized groups, depending on your area of focus?  

Do you want the opportunity to go to local meetings, which alternate being held North of Denver and South of Denver, to meet and network with other therapists in person?  

Do you want prospective clients and therapists to be able to quickly find you? So you, and other therapists, can easily network with nearby peers, and clients can save time by first finding what therapists are nearby. Now a new DTN interactive map offers just that.  

Do you want questions answered by knowledgeable peers, whether that is marketing ideas, website help, legal questions answered, or just about any other questions you can think of? You can post a question and get answers today.  

Do you want access to search over three years of great information? The forum goes back over three years, so your question very likely has already been answered and you just need to look it up.  

Do you want to create a great looking profile as another resource for prospective clients?  You can create a great looking profile and even post groups and workshops you are running, all of which are available to be viewed (and searched for) on all the search engines.  

If you answered yes to some of these questions than most likely the DTN is a fit for you.

The only requirement to join is that you are a psychotherapist, in the Colorado, currently in private practice. At this point there are no officers, no bylaws and the only cost is 9 dollars a month or 99 a year to maintain this website. 

To join the network or ask us a question simply click the button below and fill out the short contact form. 
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Thank you for your interest, we will be in touch soon, but sometimes it can take up to 48 hours. Please note that you will not get an automated confirmation email from this form, however if you do not get a response to the email address you used in this form you can feel free to email the current site administrator, David Beebe, at

If you are an existing member and need support, or just ask a question, please open a ticket in the support center

Disclaimer: This organization does not vet its members in terms of background checks, or verifying credentials and licensing. We are a networking group, and its up to our individual members or consumers check out the credibility of referrals..

Thanks again {{answer_13652458}}, we will personally email you at {{answer_13653506}} so please confirm it is accurate (and remember you will not get an automated email response after submitting this form).
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